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Have an erotic story with Amanda Banks…

I was sitting on the sixth row when I saw this very tall blonde cow boy…He put his bag and his shirt completely showed his six packs just crimping up, he wasn’t wearing any underwear and I could see that perfect outline of his beautiful dick…so the sight of the fresh long cock really got my juices trickling. He sat down right next to me and he smelled like sunshine. Told him my name is Amanda, his name was Dylan Ramsey; I will never forget that name so FUCKING sexy. We chatted a little bit about Sky Mall magazine… I’ve found out his from Minneapolis and that’s where I’m from.  Good thing is that his not married after that my mind was rising…As the plane took off and so is my brain. … After the captain turn off the seatbelt signage, I got up to get my bag I did climb over him slowly dangling my PERK ASS on his face…………

Listen to this hot podcast with Amanda Banks and his airborne adventure……..

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