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How to Get What You Want by Penelope Pardee

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How to Get What You Want by Penelope PardeeJust like what the short welcome note says on my homepage, this site was created to put in my thoughts and happenings in my life. I’m a work in progress. I just moved to this new place, I have a new roommate to get along with, I’m currently looking for a job and starting from scratch is really hard. Oh well, not really. I have a little savings from my previous job and my parents gave me some money. It was enough for me to start but I badly need to get my ass off and get a job again!

Nonetheless, like I said, I created this to document my new life and obviously ranting would be part of it. Then I thought, how about giving some ‘how to’s ‘and pieces of advice to my readers who’s probably experiencing or going to experience what I’m going through. So I came up with an idea of starting with “How To Get What You Want” by Penelope Pardee. Apparently, it’s impossible to get everything you want in a day. So I decided, I could just get an excerpt from my daily experiences, see how to deal with it, get what I want eventually and write about it every now and then.

Now let me start with how to stop your roommate from being a slob.

Her name is Jen. Now don’t ask me what her complete name is as she might find my site later on. Anyway, I could say she’s pretty and hot. But I felt her absolute opposite earlier this morning when I saw her nighties on the floor near the couch where she was sitting. And she also left the sink with the dirty dishes she used last night. I can never be in a house full of clutter. I had to cool down so after taking a shower, I approached her and said, “Hey Jen, I know neither of us wants this place to look like a frat house, so let’s set aside some time to clean together.” I smiled and she nodded. 15 minutes later, I saw our sink clean and empty. 😉

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