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How Would I Get My Third Date

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My last Friday’s date was great. There were some little awkward moments but our conversation went fine. We got to know more about each other but I think he was still keeping a lot of things to himself. I know I’ve done my best to impress him without being fake that’s why I got this second date. But how would I get the third one? I know, I know, I’ve said that I would concentrate more about looking for a job. I still am, I actually got an interview for tomorrow. It’s not for modeling though but I think it’s still a sexy job to have.

Anyway, let’s go back to getting a third date. Third is much different and more challenging. It’s is like the decision part whether you want to go on with this guy or not. So here are the things I did on my 2nd date to get the third. If I would say no to it, simple, I only want us friends but nothing more.

I still wore a dress. Although I’m more comfortable with shirt, pair of jeans and sneakers, I like to leave an impression that I am confident about showing my skin. I think it’s very important to see that you’re physically attractive and that you have chemistry at the early stage of your relationship.

I told him more about myself. I believe that I’m a good communicator. I can share my personal details but not too much. I’m really not afraid about sharing my flaws and mistakes but I make sure that I also share how I can overcome.

I touched him flirtatiously. It’s not like I gave him a hand down there, lol. But only a warm and playful touch on his arms and hands. I would like him to feel I’m comfortable with him and

I left him wanting more. Even if I know he’s into me (ahem), I don’t really want to get too physical to him this very soon. Although I know I said I wanted it even before we had our first date, I realized that I don’t want to freak him out especially that I need someone right now because I’m new here. I’m ready about my third date. For sure he’s dying to see me again. I’m positive about it. 😀

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