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I’m in Love But Confused :(

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What should I do? Last week, I wrote here that I think I’m falling for this new guy (who I recently gave a codename, Mr. Banana) and the day before yesterday, he admitted that he loves me. Right after that, his image began prevailing over my ex. I thought about him in the shower, right before I sleep, when I woke up, in the cab and even at work. The feeling is even becoming more obvious to my coworkers.

My almost favorite coworker Sammy told me that I look in love! Then I told her about what happened during my date last Sunday and she was giggling the whole time. “You go girl, go for it”. That’s what she always tell everyone but I know when she told me that, she meant it and she made sure I was listening.

Although I’m 75% percent sure that I have feelings for him, I still feel confused and that it’s not so right to get this feeling more intense just because he said he loves me. With my past relationships, I usually get into relationships right away and learn to love them later on, after weeks, or months.

But this one is kind of different. I wasn’t in a hurry for a relationship because I wanted a serious one. I feel that he is though, but still I’m confused! I haven’t kiss, hug, or slept with a guy for a long time and I’m nervous about it. I’m excited but I’m still not sure what to do! Did anyone of you experienced this? What should I do? Please help me!

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