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Monday Thoughts

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It’s too early to wake up but my brain is very active to think and it’s functioning a bit crazy. I’m 25, single but dating, and living a life away from my parents. I’m not sad anymore unlike last year and my life this year is starting pretty good. But I’m thinking that I should really do the things I know I want. My job at the hotel is not what I dreamed about doing but could I ever stay there for another 10 years? No. 3 years? Not even close. And with this guy I’m currently dating and I’m in love with, do I see myself marrying him? For the first time, I would say yes. I don’t know, but it’s what I’m feeling at the moment. I have past serious relationships but I have never answered the same. I’m either getting mature and ready to settle down or too in love to know that this feeling is right. And lastly, I should seriously consider where I really want to stay. Las Vegas is for my career but not home. Georgia and anywhere near my family is.

Sigh. It’s a bit hard to plan things this early because I’m still adjusting and still figuring out this new life. But it’s hard to plan especially when it’s 12 AM in the morning! LOL. I should sleep in a few minutes because I have to work later. But I know, I wouldn’t be able to focus until I find the right answers to my questions or when I’m already able to make a clear plan about what I want to happen with my life!

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