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Morning Sex Tips: Why Sex In The Morning Is Better Than Routine Sex

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Morning sex is the best way to break routine sex. What more can you ask for than waking up in the morning fresh and ready to have sex in the morning. Thanks to Cosmo, for sharing this awesome article about some reasons you should be having a lot more morning sex and why it’s better than routine sex.

Because, seriously people, what better way to start the day? “Having sex in the morning releases also oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone,” says sexpert Emily Morse. “Oxytocin makes you feel more connected with your partner and more loved.

Because you have an excuse to be lazy (and have bad breath). If you’re too tired to get on top (or get it on at all) at night, you’re a sloth. If you’re too tired to hop on in the morning, that’s reasonable because you’re still half-asleep, maybe waking from a dream where Ryan Gosling took his shirt off just for you.

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Because it keeps you healthy. According to research, morning sex can actually strengthen your immune system by boosting your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection.

Because he’ll last longer. Stubbs says that men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning after guys have recharged with hours of sleep.

Because everyone is doing it. Okay, not everyone but a solid 34 percent of people prefer to make love in the morning than any other time, according to one poll.

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