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Must Try Kegel Exercises

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Kegel exercises strengthens our PC muscles. Thus, improving our sexual performance and our ability reach orgasm. The better the condition of our PC muscles, the more pleasurable sex will be. Cosmo revealed some Kegel Exercises we’ve got to try. Check them out below!

The Pelvic Tilt

Releasing your hips will help open up your pelvic area and increase blood flow to your V-zone, so try this move as a warm-up. While standing, tilt your pelvis forward and backward. As you thrust forward, contract your abs and glutes, and exhale. Release and inhale as you tilt back. Do eight slow reps, followed by eight fast reps.

The Hipster

Do the same move as before, but pop your hips from side to side instead of straight forward and back. Repeat eight times slowly and then at a faster pace.
Must Try Kegel Exercises

The Classic Kegel

Contract and release your PC muscles four to eight times, and then engage them and hold for a few seconds before releasing. (Make sure you’re not squeezing your glutes.) It doesn’t matter what position you’re in: standing, sitting, or laying down. You can even get your kegels on each time you brush your teeth, or whenever you hit the brake while driving, to squeeze them into your routine.

The Bridge

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground hip-width, and arms straight down at your sides. Lift your pelvis (keeping your glutes relaxed) and contract your PC muscles. With your PCs still engaged, lift and lower your bent legs off the ground, as if you were marching—first the left leg, then the right leg. Once you’ve lifted each foot five times, release your PCs and lower to the ground. Do three sets.

The Butterfly

Lie on your back with your knees bent and drawn in toward your chest. Open your bent legs out to the sides as far as they will go. Inhale, contract your PC muscles, and tilt your pelvis slightly forward. Release your PCs as you return your legs to center. Do three sets of five reps.

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