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My Exhibitionist Valentines Day Wish

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Confession time. If I want to cum hard – I mean REALLY hard, I need to be watched. I’m not talking about my hubby looking on as I use a vibe on myself (although that is a turn on), I’m talking about perfect strangers peeping in on me having sex with my husband. Some call it exhibitionist, the Brits call it ‘dogging’. Whatever you call it – I need to be seen to have a really amazing orgasm.

Thankfully, my other half has no issues with it. He’s not a true exhibitionist like me, but he also doesn’t mind if others look on. We had always done something special for Valentine’s Day that checked all the boxes for me. One year we took part in an internet cam site’s swinger’s party live feed, another year we went to a night club where others watched us as we fucked on stage. This year, we started planning our night just after New Year’s Day.

sex exhibitionists

sex exhibitionists

I wanted to somehow combine the two. I wanted to have the interaction that we got from when we had sex at the club – the patrons cheering on and calling out things that they wanted us to do. I also wanted to be able to reach a wider audience, though. I mean, when we did the thing on the internet, we had people from as far away as Japan watching us! We got in touch with a few web masters we knew and they liked my idea as well. One guy we had known for years has decided to dedicate a live feed to us on his web site where we’ll be able to stream our night for the site’s members, as well as be able to read their requests via chat.

Since setting up the whole thing would take a bit of our friend’s time and effort, he wanted to do a beta test of the whole set up. No complaints here! He took some still images of us having sex so that he could use them on his advertising banners, and created a ‘trailer’ to have up on his site to entice his members to join us in February. He’s actually set up a whole affiliate program around the event so that he can get other sites to help send traffic. He said that there is the potential that thousands of viewers on Valentine’s Day! I get wet just thinking about it.

So, the day came where he ran the beta test setup. He had around 100 members who said they’d watch and give him/us feedback on the whole thing. He set up the camera, and left us to it. I have to say, it was a bit strange. There were no actual people in the room, which was a lot different than my past experiences, but I knew that on the other side of that screen sat a bunch of eyes watching me suck off my husband. It was a bit hard to keep looking back at the screen to see what the members were requesting, but it was also good as we did things that I usually don’t do during sex. One member wanted him to suck my toes, another wanted me to finger him in the ass. All these new things that I knew were coming right from the folks watching us.

All in all, it was a positive experience, and I can’t wait for February 14th to roll around when we go live and the whole world gets to watch me! It’ll be my exhibitionist Valentine’s Day wish come true!

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