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Natural or Pornstar Boobs?

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This is my friend Brandy. Don’t worry, I have all her permission to do this, lol. She thinks that she’s not sexy and beautiful enough. But I really think that she’s sexy and beautiful inside and out! I think she just lacks confidence. Brandy is about 2 years younger than me but when we were still kids, I always thought that she’s prettier than me. It was when I became a teenager that everyone thinks I’m the prettiest among our group. I always hear from her how she wanted to have darker hair, or bigger boobs like I have.

She talked to me about how she wanted to get a high-paying job so she could afford a breast implant and other changes that she wants in her body. I’m really not against implants and I have even thought about that, myself. But still, I believe that natural is beautiful than pornstar boobs.

Also, you have probably heard the risks about getting one aside from the risk of getting broke because it’s addictive. When you’re satisfied with the result of your boob job, there’s a more chance of getting your butt done too.

No matter what she say, I really think that she’s one of the most gorgeous friends I have. I think it’s normal that we want to have what we don’t have. But in the long run, we would learn how to love what we only have.

This is only my opinion about this matter. But I want to hear you side, too! So I created a poll located at the right side of this blog that will run until next Friday. Have fun! 🙂

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  1. Morgan December 7, 2010

    Natural breast all day and twice on Sunday. Tera Patrick is a great example. I liked her much better when she was natural (but I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed!).


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