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Penelope Pardee’s Favorite Sex Toy Part 2

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Hi everyone! If you have missed the first part of my favorite sex toys article, check out: PENELOPE PARDEE’S FAVORITE SEX TOYS PART 1 where I talked about sex toys that you should purchase if you like external stimulation. This time, I want to talk about penetration. If you like the feeling of penetration, you should try using a dildo. Usually, dildo doesn’t vibrate like the vibrator and most dildos in the market resembles a penis. These dildos may be used with your vagina or anus. We may have different preferences when it comes to dildos. What penis size do you prefer? Dildos are like that too. Not only do they vary in size but also in shape, color, and texture. You won’t really know how big your guy’s penis is until you touch it or til he unbutton his pants, lol. But with sex toys? You have all the right to choose. By the way, I’m contented with the average size, lol.

The most recent box I received from Adam and Eve has one of my favorite dildos which is the Cyberglass Four-Way G. Since I still have that kind of dildo, I decided to give it to my roommate Jen who was so jealous when she found out about the package I got, lol. My favorite thing about it is that it has bumps, ridges and hot texture. The tip of it has a rounded shape so it doesn’t miss my g-spot. This is meant for you if you’re looking for g-spot stimulation.

This costs $34.95 but if you use my special adam eve coupon code OFFER99, you’ll get this for only $17.48 and you’ll also get a FREE Shipping! Don’t forget to use my offer code OFFER99 if you purchase one of these or any item coz you know I get a commission from AdamandEve for that! 🙂 Enjoy Shopping!

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