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Pope Condones the Use of Condom

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Sex Chat with Dr. Kat - Pope Condones the Use of CondomOn this another episode of Sex With Dr. Kat, they talked about the Pope who condones the use of condom. They also talked about the pope’s theory of sex which includes abstinence, be faithful, and condom. Just listen to the audio to know about more about their opinion! You can support them by going to and get 50% off in any item, free mystery gifts and shipping when you use the code DRKAT. You can give your gift to your partner and keep the mystery gift for yourself! And if you have any questions about your relationship and sex life, feel free to call their 24/7 hotline (213)270 1968.

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  1. Yorge December 21, 2010

    I think its about time for all of us to understand the situation. Even without the condoms there will be sex and regardless if we do it without thinking of doing it safe or not. But having a condom doesnt mean that it is against the will of God. I just hope that church will understand the importance of it and help the most of the people from sickness and population.

    • PenelopePardee December 21, 2010

      yeh, can’t agree more 🙂


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