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Pregnant Sex Position – Sex Tips Guide

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pregnant sex positions

Many pregnant women has a lot of question that comes in their mind like, is it fine to have sex during pregnancy, what are the most comfortable sex positions while pregnant or even can I use a vibrator while pregnant? Well, open communication will be the key to a satisfying and safe sexual relationship during pregnancy. I’m going to explain to you why you shouldn’t need to worry about having sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Can I sex during pregnancy
Yes of course. Eventually this is the safest stage of your life, As long as the pregnancy is proceeding normally, you could have sex as frequently as you like – however you might not always need to. If you’re worrying about miscarriage, sex isn’t generally a problem but the abnormalities of the chromosomes. Sex during pregnancy doesn’t harm your baby because it is protected through the amniotic fluid within your uterus.

Sex positions while pregnant
Regardless of pregnant sex positions, you can actually play around with your partner with your most comfortable sex positions.

Below are most comfortable sex positions while pregnant

Spooning Sex position
It may be an extremely comfortable pregnancy sex position as there is no pressure on your own on the abdomen plus you’ve got lots of movement. Your partner can position themselves behind you at different angles to allow for penetration. Avoid lying on the right side within this position.

Side by Side Sex Position
It provides more equal physical contact than spooning, but penetration can be quite a bit trickier. You can cross your legs over each other’s also may help. Spooning position can be very comfortable as nobody is feeling the extra weight of the other partner’s body

Woman On Top sex position
It provides benefit of you finding yourself in control from the depth and angle of penetration. Later within the pregnancy you might find this sex position a bit more tiring, if balance is often a concern, just alternate into lying down position, but others find this the perfect pregnant sex position.

The Rear Entry Sex Position
Good for g-spot stimulation and could be a comfortable change as it’s a posture you aren’t in this often, unless you’re doing yoga. This position may either be done on a bed, or modified as being a version of the next sex position.

Some other women also ask if “Can I use a vibrator while pregnant”
Yeah, you can! But just make it sure it’s always clean. Using a vibrator while pregnant cannot harm your baby hence it can help you to exercise yourself. But if you’re having discomfort feeling using a vibrator, just stop or visit your doctor what she can advise for you.

Below are the recommended vibrator during pregnancy.


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