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Remembering My Friend with HIV

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Today is World AIDS day and I would always remember all December 1st in my whole life. It is because one of my closest friends is HIV positive. I was one of the people that she talked about it and I could remember how we just cried and could never utter any words at that moment. My other friend and I were both shocked when we heard the news from her. It was like the end of the world for her and for her future.

We weren’t able to trace where she got it from though. But I am glad that she got tested soon because it could have been worse. From then I thought how a single mistake could ruin someone’s life. We convinced her to tell her family because she needed more support at that time than regret and hate. She’s too lucky to have a supportive family and they also join some campaign against AIDS. She’s been taking medicines for more than 5 years now and I see her more happy than ever.

I feel lucky enough to be trusted and told about a thing like this. Now we could just laugh about how positive she is with her life because she really is positive, lol. Our only concern before was when she’s dating. Of course we don’t want her to spread the disease or scare the guys when they find out. But last year, she was finally able to find this guy that would love her despite of. She told me that this guy knows about her situation, but she didn’t tell me the details how he accepted it.

But it’s enough to make me happy. No questions. I think all of us should be educated about HIV or AIDS. Many people got it because they weren’t aware. And if you got friends or family members who got it, don’t avoid them. They need your support like you because they are still normal.

And the negatives like us? Practice safe sex!

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