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Rules In Staring Girl’s Cleavage

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We know you guys! You love staring our breasts. Though we love to see you drool over it, your obvious stare often pisses us off. There are fine rules to stare at a girl’s cleavage.  The more discreet you are in staring cleavage, the better. has this awesome article featuring the best rules to stare at a girl’s cleavage without being caught. Checkout the rules below.

You have to hold on. If you really have to look down at a girl’s cleavage, do it when she’s looking away for some reason. That’s the best thing to do, because you get a little sneak peek and she gets to talk to you without feeling uncomfortable. You may think you got away with staring in the middle of a conversation, but remember, a woman is extremely conscious of her body, and trust me, if you look down, she’ll know!

Rules In Staring Girl's CleavageREMEMBER YOUR AGE WHEN YOU STARE
If you’re over 30 and haven’t figured out how to stare at a woman’s cleavage discreetly, give it up. And if your idea of sex is something that would land you in jail, then see a therapist. We’re trying to have a good time staring at a woman’s tee shirt, but not at their expense!

Wear sunglasses, especially the darker ones. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. If you want to have a good time trying to stare at a girl’s breasts, then use your shades. It’s a win-win situation.

Son of a guns who stare at a woman while feeling themselves up or staring like they want the woman right there can be really threatening and gross, especially on a lonely street. If there is no reciprocation from the woman, stop trying to focus hard below the neck. Look at her for a millisecond, and move on. There’s no need to behave like a psycho pervert.

An hour of staring at a girl’s breasts may seem like a few minutes or even seconds, but it feels terrible for a girl who doesn’t think you’re fanciable or attractive. And how much would her breasts change in an hour anyways. Just a small glance, and nothing more than that. Remember, if you’re having fun at her expense, you’re a pervert and a sadist who should be buried alive!

Have you ever had a friend who goes crazy when he walks into a club, and just can’t take his eyes off any girl out there? He just wants to stare, fantasize, and ogle at all their assets until his tongue drools and drops off the side of his mouth. To him it’s fun. To the women, he’s going to die a virgin! Don’t be that guy.

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