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Sex Moves To Get Climax Easily

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There are sex moves that you can use to make orgasm more reachable.  Cosmopolitan recently published some moves to make you reach your climax every time and I am delighted to share it to everyone.

Sex Moves To Get Climax Easily

Turn on Your Mind

Since sexual response originates in the brain, thinking sexy thoughts will help bring you to the brink. Whether you’re dreaming about your man, Rob Pattinson, or the cutie from the coffee shop, it’ll get your head in the game.

Make Foreplay Your BFF

While it’s fun to have an occasional quickie, foreplay really is key to satisfaction. Not only does it usually take women longer to get turned on than men, but the more aroused you are, the more engorged your clitoris becomes, and so the easier it is to stimulate your C-spot during sex. Spend time kissing and touching each other, and have your guy circle your clitoris with his tongue or fingertip, experimenting with pressure and speed. (Hint: The upper left part of the clitoris tends to be the most sensitive area. Who knew?)

Have Fun

Being goal-oriented about coming can hinder climax—it’s a lot of pressure! So give yourself a break and cop a playful attitude about the whole thing; enjoy the process of sex, rather than focusing on the finish line. Ironically, not thinking about orgasm can often lead you there.

Pay Attention to the C-Spot

Two-thirds of women don’t reach orgasm from penetration alone, because intercourse often fails to stimulate your clitoris, the nerve epicenter. No matter what position you’re in, use your finger or a vibrator to give your C-Spot extra TLC during sex.

Slither Into “The Snake”

This is another orgasm-friendly option. Lie on your stomach and have your man enter you from behind. Slide a vibrator or a finger between your pelvis and the mattress and use the weight of your body to rub your clitoris against it. The We-Vibe Touch works well, because its shape wraps around you and it’s wide enough to stimulate both your clitoris and the surrounding nerves.

Learn more on How to Climax Every. Damn. Time. at!
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