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Sex Shop Employees Are Sex Toys Experts

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Who knows better about sex toys — no other than those who sell them almost everyday.

Found a very enriching yet enticing sex toys tips from cosmo and I opt to share them to everyone.

Bring Your Vibe Into the Action

Give your boyfriend a steamy introduction to your battery-operated assistant by blindfolding him, then gently stroking it around his member, suggests Ellen Barnard, owner of A Woman’s Touch, a sex toy store in Madison, WI.

Sex Shop Employees Are Sex Toys ExpertsThe Secret to Fierce Foreplay

“Kissing is so underrated,” says Barnard. “Most women crave it, and don’t get nearly enough of it.” Instead of going right to the action, tell your guy you want to spend a lot of time on mouth-to-mouth. By the time you’re ready to do the deed, you’ll be insanely turned on.

Add in Some Extras

You don’t need a Christian Grey-like playroom to make the most of toys. Some everyday items that can bring any bed session over the edge: Ice for oral, a wooden spoon (give him a light smack on his butt as he’s thrusting into you), and clothes pins for clamping (just make sure they’re not too tight).

The Hottest Way to Use Your Hands

“People don’t realize how hot it is to use your hands and fingers,” says Adler. Add lots of lube—the slippery sensations are amazing for him.

The Move That Brings Him Over the Edge

“A lot of people assume that 69-ing is the ultimate hot move, but I disagree,” says Cartegena. “It’s hard to not be incredibly distracted, and that takes away from experience any sensations. The move that gets guys and women going is reverse cowgirl.”

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