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Sex Toy Poll Question Result

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Sex Toy Poll Question ResultBased on the poll question (How often do you use your sex toy/s?) I created, majority of the votes went to “All the time. I’m using it right now”. I bet most people who voted are horny, hahaha! 6 people use their sex toys only when they’re stressed while another 6 are satisfied with their partner. Only 2 people haven’t tried sex toys and would never dare.

My conclusion? Most number of human beings are horny and using sex toys like vibrator is adding up spice to their sex life! Those who use it only when they’re stressed are probably busy people or they were once addicted to it and trying to quit but can’t. But boo to those who think they’re satisfied with their partners and don’t need sex toys! Their partner are probably not open about it. And lastly, those who have never tried it yet and never plan to use one, please don’t try to miss half of your life! You still have time to experiment and experience the joy of a different kind of satisfaction!

So for those horny people out there, those who are willing to add up spices to their sex life, and those who are thinking about buying their first sex toy, do visit Adam & Eve and use offer code PENELOPE! You would get 50% off, free shipping, free DVDs, and a mystery gift!

Thanks to all who voted! Make sure you drop by and check my future poll questions! 🙂

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