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Some Facts I Know About Men Today

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This new guy called me a minute ago and asked me to go out again with him this Friday. What’s with Fridays? I think this only confirms that this guy likes me too since he’s giving me time and attention. But how sure am I that he likes me? He’s probably dating different women every single day and I happened to get the Friday spot since we met on a Friday, lol.

It’s common that women over think because of what typical men do haha! Most likely, you have heard that women are full of mystery, but I believe that this famous quote applies to men too. I’ve had few exes that I don’t fully understand and I have guy friends who are more complicated than my girl friends.

Well, I can’t judge this new guy yet coz we’re still trying to know more about each other. And on our next date, I would probably ask him more questions coz he asked me too much the last time. But so far, I’ve had enough guys in my life to assume some surprising facts about them.

Pressure affects their sex life. I had this ex who makes me cum a lot, but years ago, we all have heard that women were mostly experiencing loss of libido. I don’t know what happened to the new male generation but it seems like a number of men have low desire. My ex was always stressed with his work and it affects our sexual life. I can’t remember the exact reason of our breakup. But I believe that his lack of desire in bed and inability to cum as much as I want him to (even if how much I try performing at my best) was one of the reasons.

Although we know that men are threatened by women’s success, many are becoming okay with women who earns bigger. For example, my long time guy bestfriend who settled down last year; said it’s okay that his wife got bigger paycheck than him. He doesn’t look at it as a competition but working on things together, like being able to buy a house together. He even jokes that he wished to just live at home and get his wife’s check every month, lol.

But I hope this new guy earns more if ever we end up together. And I hope he’s great in bed too. 😀

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