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Tantra Sex: Making Sex Out Of This World

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Tantra Sex is a sexual science that stimulates the innate spiritual sensuality, making sex more pleasurable.  Cosmo has recently featured Tantra being an inspiration to make sex more divine and exciting.  Checkout the tips below and experience the most awesome sex ever.

Prep Your Space
Make your space a place where you can focus on your experience. Get your phone out of the room. Close down the computer. Turn down the lights. Make sure your space is tidy and you have water.

Tantra Sex: Making Sex Out Of This World

Prepare Yourself
Take a bath with the intention of washing off all the gunk you’ve accumulated that day. If you want to wake up the senses, use cut-up fruit like lemons and limes as bath sponges.

Just Dance
You know on Grey’s Anatomy when Christina and Meredith do their wild, crazy dancing? Do some of that with your partner or by yourself. Dance with the intention of getting into your body.

Massage Your Man
Give him a tingling sensual massage to slow things down. It says to your partner, ‘We’re going to have a fabulous time, but we’re going to go slowly and you’re going to like it so much better that way.

Breathe Easy
Take your time with making out and foreplay. Get to the point where you’re diving into each individual motion and focusing on your breath. The more you breathe, the more you feel. I train people to have orgasms just by breathing!

Use Your Imagination
We tend to start making love and then your mind wanders to, ‘Oh, damn, I forgot to walk the dog.” That dissipates sexual energy. Use your mind to make the situation hotter. I might imagine his juicy energy filling me up.

Pump It Up
Move your pelvis a lot and squeeze those pelvic floor muscles. Think of kegels as the erotic heat pump of tantric sex. They move erotic energy through your body.

See Eye to Eye
Eye gazing is incredibly powerful. Practice keeping your eyes open and making your point of focus your partners eyes when you orgasm. It can be an incredible, enormous gift of energy to your partner.

Let Go of the Big O
In tantric sex we don’t have goals. Let go of the goal of an orgasm. Relax and enjoy the ride: you’ll see there are so many ecstatic experiences along the way.

Sweet Music
Sometimes tantric sex is weird at first—all of this eye-gazing and relaxation. We’re not used to it. Stay in the mood by putting on some music you really dig. Putting on that music helps you melt.

Think Outside the Penis
To make things last longer, take the emphasis off the c**k. Make love to other parts of each other’s bodies. We have a million different erogenous zones—the nipples, the lips, the back of a knee, the thumb. You can have a nipple-gasm, or a neck-gasm, or a navel-gasm.

Karezza Foreva
Karezza (gentle sex without the goal of orgasm) is to thrust inside the woman just enough to stay hard. Alternate fast thrusting with slowing down. When we slow down to as close to a stop as we can manage, it’s indescribable how good it is.

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