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The Truth About Interracial Relationships

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interracial relationship, interracial relationships“I believe that interracial relationship is the best thing because people get to be subjected to different people and find out more about other people.” –Emily B. from Northwood I

“Sometimes easier to date outside you race rather than to keep looking to get with people that aren’t healthy for you just because they are the same race like you. So many people complain about how precisely the women and men within their race are extremely bad but won’t consider interracial relationships. I think it is a great idea.” –Ifeoma D. from Northwood I

“It really helps to change the manner in which think of other races simply because they actually become familiar with them with a more personal level.” –Amira F. from 411 Lofts

“You might have the opportunity to find out about a new culture.” –Charnay W. from Courtyard Apartments

“I believe that only dating interracial relationships race only limits you. It limits the prospect of you meeting a potentially great simply because you’re hung up around the shade, notice that I said shade, with their skin.” –Jenny H. from Stockwell

“I am in an interracial relationship and adore it. My grandfather was completely against it at the beginning but when of those other family supported our relationship and he actually got a chance to know my boyfriend, he’s got actually started to the idea which can be an huge step.” –Su J. from East Quad


“Having to handle family and friends that don’t respect or approve of your relationship is a big|is a large challenge.” –Camille M from Courtyard Apartments

“Some strangers would really come up to you and also express their opinions by what they think about your relationship. That is so crazy in my experience.” –Allison G. from Off-campus housing

“You might not have the same thoughts about interracial relationship and stuff that affect minorities if an individual person is a minority and something is not.” – Keisha C. from Baits II

“It can certainly dilute among the cultures should they havenkids.”-Dominique M. from Off-campus housing

“If they have children, then their children may have a problem with their becoming an adult–Hannah K. from Bursley

“You might have to shield your companion from interracial relationship against family which can cause problems in their bond.” –Marshall N. from South Quad

“You have to cope with the stares, beneath the breath comments, and gossip which could sometimes be more hurtful than people just coming out and saying the things they really feel in your face.”- Kelly W. from Off-campus housing

“Society is simply really not open to interracial relationships regardless of how much people attempt to try and say that everything has change.” –Ashley L from Courtyard Apartments

“There are extremely many issues that people have to cope with by having interracial relationships and unless they are the type that doesn’t care what folks think and let things roll off with their shoulder probably those things will require a toll on their relationship. Plus in this day and age individuals have enough to handle in relationships without adding racial differences towards the list.”- Michele W. from Willowtree Apartments

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