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Things To Remember On Having A Vacation Fling

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Planning a vacation and wanted to have a nice vacation fling? Thanks to for sharing the things to remember if you’re going to have a vacation fling. This guide will help you through on how to make your vacation fling more awesome and safe.

Things To Remember On Having A Vacation Fling

Forget about your type. So what if back home, you only date well-dressed men with big ambitions? That laid back surfer guy is HOT. Don’t question why you’re into him, just go for it. This is all about fun, not whether you’d make good life partners.

And hey, forget your inhibitions too. You’ve only got a few days; don’t waste them feeling insecure or shy.

Have an exit strategy. Plan to meet back up with your girlfriend for breakfast the next morning in case things get awkward and you need an excuse to leave. Do not ditch your girlfriend if you decide to make it a one-night-AND-one-morning stand without at least texting her.

Keep your expectations realistic. OK, you met a gorgeous, sweet guy with a sexy accent. Are you immediately having visions of a whirlwind romance ending with your wedding in a Tuscan vineyard? Yeah, me too. But um, that’s probably not going to happen. You don’t want to get yourself thinking this is something it it’s not (a relationship) instead of what it is (a really fun time) and wind up feeling disappointed when you should feel satisfied.

If you’re cool with it, keep in touch. If you’ve got your fantasies under control, why not exchange email addresses? It never hurts to have friends around the world, and you never know when you might need cross paths again. I’d keep contact casual though, due to my aforementioned tendency to feel disappointed when my dreams don’t come true.

Most importantly: BE SAFE!! That means practice safe sex, of course, but also don’t get yourself into any dangerous situations. Make sure someone knows where you are and who you’re with.

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