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What Are The Things You Should Remember In Having Sex In A Car

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Car sex is really way pleasurable and exciting than any regular sex. However, you’ll find things to take into consideration in having sex in a car. Check them out below and feel the best yet safest car sex ever.having sex in the ar, sex in the car

Leather Seats

She thought rug burns were no good?Actually, leather burns would be the worst. Put a towel down. If you don’t have one, you should forewarn her. There is no such gentle thing while having sex in a car.

Make Things Quickie As Possible

You’re in a car, not on a bed. So never lose all your clothes…don’t ever simp inside a whip. Keep enough clothes on,just in case someone is arriving. That way,you can dressed quickly and pretend you weren’t knocking her down—while the one who catches you actually knows you are.

Front Seat Fun

If you should foray at the front seat, be sure you’re inside the passenger seat, because steering wheels and sex don not mix. Always ensure you move the seat all the way up back as much room as you can. Just ensure that while she’s going wild, she doesn’t knock the tools shift to neutral. Last thing you’ll need is to get  rolling outside ass-naked with your own individual parts engaged.

Back Seat Action

Hop inside backseat in case you really want to put your back in it. Make sure you push top seats up as far because they can go,|to get more leverage. Smack it down, flip it, rub it down…ohhh nooooo!

Play Your Music

The same rules for music inside bedroom apply it while having sex in the car. No Miami booty bass, New Orleans bounce…none of these shit. Keep it R&B or Country. Don’t behave like you’ve never banged a chick to Garth Brooks.


To each his very own. But the smart financial resources are on doing the work at night so that you don’t get arrested or ticketed. But in case you’re feeling randy  would like to romp within the day time, ensure it’s a quickie.

Size Matters

The biggercar, the better. More room much better positions. If you’re having sex in a mini car, why don’t you just use you’re cash|the amount of money and you’re saving on gas and have  a freaking hotel. Or just put her around the hood so she could put ’em about the glass.

Clean Up

Pretty self explanatory. Especially in case you}’ve got cloth seats. Not much of your excuse for stains, so be sure you tidy asap after having sex in a car.

Orgasm Carefully

Sometimes you only can’t regulate it. You can explode all of your G’s, just make sure reach the end, shit just happens in your case and her. While you’re blowing her out of the home,be sure she keeps her feet outside the windows, because she is likely to bust a nut plus your window together with her foot as well while you’re having sex in a car.

Getting Steamy

We have no idea how you can have a road trip, five deep inside a four-door and also the|as well windows not get foggy. But you have it on with a chick for 20 minutes and it’s really like a 24-hour fitness sauna in a car. Crack the windows…if you don’t you’re looking to lose a couple pounds. Oh, yeah, pray she’s not really a musty chick, either. Musk isn’t a good thing.


The irony of trying to look for a private place to have it on in public areas? Make it real, if you should find a “private place,” keep away from schools, because there’s always someone there. Don’t try to stay in a very safe place. Safe places also have people around, if you do not want an  audience. The darker the higher better. Just keep the head on the swivel while having sex in a car.


Dare to become bold and prepare to become bashful. You do it in a car enough times,|you’ll get caught. Whether it be a punk kid or prick cop, you will end up caught. So you should have a good excuse. Honesty is obviously the best policy. Tell the coppers how the PYT was fly that you simply couldn’t wait. He’ll respect you, dap you up and in all likelihood let you “slide.”

Having sex in a car is a astonishing experience ~ just be sure to consider all the stuff above 🙂

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