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What Guys Say About Your Vagina

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Ever wonder what guys think about your vagina? You spent a night with a guy and you want to know what he thinks about your pretty thing there.  Cosmo has an article about some crazy things some guys have said or have thought about their girls’ vagina and  I wish to share it to everyone.

What Guys Say About Your Vagina

“My ex-boyfriend once told me that my vagina ‘tasted like cat food…but in a good way.’ How that can possibly be good is still beyond my comprehension.” —Tiffany W.

“A dude I dated once accused me of cheating on him because my vagina ‘seemed off.’ WTF?”  —Jessie F.

“One night, my boyfriend and I Googled ‘vagina nicknames’ because he wanted to ‘educate’ me. I asked him what his nickname for mine was, and he said, ‘a perfect pocket.’ To this day, I still think it’s the weirdest way in the history of mankind to tell a girl she has a nice vagina.” —Taylor W.

“I hadn’t waxed in a while, and the guy I was hooking up with noticed. But he said he liked it better, because it ‘shows I don’t care what I look like.’ Um, thanks?” —Julie H.

“My boyfriend once compared vaginas to venus fly traps…and to Chomp Chomp from Super Mario. How animated of him.” —Catherine G.

“I was dating this guy, and he told me my vagina ‘tastes like rainbows and butterflies.’ I didn’t even know how to respond to that!” — Jenna Z.

“The first time I ever waxed, my boyfriend told me he liked it better than when I shaved because ‘it made my vagina look prettier.'” —Vanessa F.

“I hooked up with one of my ex-boyfriends whom I hadn’t seen in a while. When he entered me, he actually said, ‘Great to be back where I belong…it feels just like home.'” —Jessica F.

“When I haven’t shaved for a couple of days, my boyfriend calls my vagina ‘the beard.'” —Jessica S.

“I’m good about doing my kegels, so I’m pretty tight down there. One time, this guy I was hooking up with said, ‘I love how tight you are…brings me back to my high school days.” —Ardenis C.

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