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Who’s A Squirter?

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Chatting with the girls at work always turns into a full blown sexual seminar sometimes. The other day we were talking about squirters – the girls that actually cum when they orgasm. I didn’t confess that I hadn’t heard about this before, and I just thought that the conversations between the porn stars I had heard just was some kind of lingo for peeing while having sex. I learned I was miles away from the truth, though!

Who's A Squirter

One of the girls – Lacey – actually squirts when she has an intense orgasm. She said that it’s only happened a few times, when she was hit in just the right spot when she was having sex. She said that her best orgasms always have squirting. I asked her if she tells the guy that she squirts before they have sex, which I’m guessing gave away the game that I hadn’t heard of this before. Lacey explained that if a guy is going down on her, she will warn him. But if she’s just having regular sex, she leaves it as a surprise. Most guys are totally into it, even if they have to change the sheets before going to sleep for the night.

She suggested trying to make yourself cum with a rabbit vibrator. It’s the only toy she’s used that has made her squirt through an orgasm before. I may have to hit up to see if I can get my hands on one, to have a try at this whole squirting thing myself!

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