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We all have a wild side when it comes to sex. Admit it; we love everything about it. I’ve tried sex with both men and women and they both have upsides.  From kink, role plays, condemnation to quickies. Name it! I’ve done it. My newest craze is THE GLORY HOLE. I know it sounds crazy and a bit scary but… Read more »

10 October 2014 | no comments | Audio

Have an erotic story with Amanda Banks… I was sitting on the sixth row when I saw this very tall blonde cow boy…He put his bag and his shirt completely showed his six packs just crimping up, he wasn’t wearing any underwear and I could see that perfect outline of his beautiful dick…so the sight of the fresh long cock… Read more »

02 October 2014 | no comments | Audio

  As humans we use language to communicate with one another. We utter words to express our emotions. We speak to show how we feel, but did you know that only 7% of human communication is actual words and the rest? It’s all a combination of tone of voice, pitch, micro expressions and body language. As we all know “actions… Read more »

30 September 2014 | no comments | Blog, Uncategorized

You’re in bar, guzzling away a glass of blue margarita with friends. Across the table you see your co-worker, the man you’ve been dreaming off your whole life. Heart’s beating, palm sweating you decide to walk towards him to say “Hello”. With your newly bought red dress, polished nails and ultra-red lips you build up courage and approach his table… Read more »

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Since the history of mankind millions have tried but only few succeeded. Be Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte in the land of sheer pillow cliffs and raging waves of bed sheets. With an open mind, clothes torn and unsurpassed determination The Quest for the Best Sex Position is achievable. Learn new sex positions to reach the full potential of… Read more »

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  You don’t see your partner until there is a Lovers Quarrel. A lovers quarrel assesses character. Understanding grows from disagreement. Love is a deeper knowledge of your partner. It is not just a passionate feeling; it is the feeling of tolerance, the feeling of acceptance and understanding. A lovers quarrel divulges weakness. It demonstrates maturity. A lovers quarrel builds… Read more »

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There are things you should consider in dating multiple partners.   Check out this video and learn from Professor Puppet’s sexy secretary Penny on some effective dating multiple partners tips…   Don’t forget to use Offer Code HANS at the checkout at to get 50% DISCOUNT on almost ANY ITEM, 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Discreet Shipping… Read more »

23 July 2014 | no comments | Video

To have the perfect sex, men should observe perfect timing.  Getting to know your partner better and having sex at the right time, place and mood will absolutely give you perfect pleasure. Learn more from our Clinical Sexologist Dr. Kat Van Kirk… Enter Offer Code TIPS at the checkout at when you purchase your favorite sex toys.  Entering the Offer Code… Read more »

21 July 2014 | no comments | Video

Got a lesbian BFF? Have you ever had some erotic moments with her? Check out today’s hot story as a woman shares her first ever lesbian experience with her BFF. Enjoy the story with your favorite sex toys. Buy them at HALF THE PRICE when you enter Offer Code DIRTY50 at the checkout at plus get 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery… Read more »

18 July 2014 | no comments | Audio

From ancient China to the recent best-selling book Fifty Shades Of Grey, ben wa balls like these Large Crystal Premium Glass Eggs have played an important part in women enjoying better sex! The secret is…using Premium Glass Eggs to exercise Kegel muscles is sexy, feels so sensual and leads to improved intercourse and better orgasms for both of you. Pop… Read more »

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