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Seven Signs He Likes You

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You’re in bar, guzzling away a glass of blue margarita with friends. Across the table you see your co-worker, the man you’ve been dreaming off your whole life.

Heart’s beating, palm sweating you decide to walk towards him to say “Hello”. With your newly bought red dress, polished nails and ultra-red lips you build up courage and approach his table but then suddenly you’re entire body stops.

Your mind starts asking questions if he even feel the same inclination and desire. Hold on to your horses, stop, look and listen. Know first the signs he likes you before embarking to your greatest dream of you and him together.


The Good Samaritan

He’ll be very nice and would help you all the time.

Seven Signs He Likes You

The Defender

He will protect you and stick up for you if someone talks negatively about you.

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The Cock Blocker

One of the signs he likes you is when he would keep on getting your attention if other guys are around you. Basically he’s just jealous.

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The Listener

He would listen all day long about your boring life and even laugh at your crappy jokes.


meeting ex boyfriend

The Owl Look

When he stares at you looking like an owl with dilated pupils. It may be creepy but it could be one of the SIGNS HE LIKES YOU.


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The Gift Giver

When he starts giving you things or gifts. Signs he likes you will keep flowing when this starts happening.

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The Cyber stalker

He checks your Facebook page all the time and likes your ancient pictures on your profile photos.


online boyfriend

These are the Signs he likes you. Once you see those signs go on and make a move. Just go with the flow and don’t rush things. Take your time and enjoy life.

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