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Sexual Success at Office Holiday Parties

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It’s been said that it’s ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but some women look at the holiday season and cringe. Alcohol fueled nights while socializing with your colleagues resulting in embarrassing Facebook photos and awkward ‘morning after’s. If you want to avoid these scenarios but still get together with that office hottie you have been eyeing up since June, then there are a few things to keep in mind.Sexual Success at Office Holiday Parties
The most important piece of advice that a lady attending their workplace party is to watch what you drink – not only the amounts, but the speed that you drink it in as well. You’re not at college anymore and doing five shots in an hour isn’t going to get you anywhere but into trouble. Enjoy your drinks with moderation, over the course of the evening. That way, you don’t put yourself into a situation where your inhibitions are so low that you act like a fool in front of your colleagues – or worse. The office hottie isn’t going to hook up with the girl who’s been spending the evening with her head in a toilet.
The next determination to make is if you are going to follow a “slow game” or “fast game” in your pursuit for your target cutie. A slow game involves working the man the entire night – sitting at his table for the meal, joining him outside for a breath of fresh air, having a few dances with him while the DJ plays songs from your high school days, and making your move at the end of the night. This is a delicate balance between ‘stalker’ and ‘companion’. You don’t want to be all over him the entire night as to make it too obvious your intentions, but you also don’t want to leave him on his own for the evening. This is an ideal plan for those who don’t mind where the night takes you, are willing to go with the flow, and are looking for a less forward means of obtaining your target.
The fast game is great for those who have multiple targets in mind, or want to leave the party at a certain time. While the slow game starts at the beginning of the evening, the fast game begins just as the party is wrapping up. Since most office gatherings end their evening with dancing, your plan of action starts there. This is only for those ladies who like to be direct and don’t have issues with making their desires known. By using the fast paced, dark, hot and sexual atmosphere of the dance floor, you make your intentions known to your target hottie. Use whatever style fits you best – either gentle teasing with dirty words, more forward actions like ear nibbles and hidden kisses, or all out dirty dancing and ear sex on the dance floor. Be warned, though – this plan mixed with alcohol can lead to those dreaded embarrassing moments you hope to avoid. You have to be discreet to those around you, yet obvious to the man who you are trying to hone in on.
Whatever plan you choose, make sure to take the rest of your evening elsewhere. Don’t assume that the darkness of the cloakroom will hid any hot and heavy trysts. Don’t be “that girl” that was banged in a bathroom stall. If you have a hotel room, head there for the evening. If not, make some kind of arrangement with the man to meet elsewhere.
Lastly, if you don’t want to build a reputation in the office, don’t go blabbing about your experiences. You probably know full well who can keep a secret out of your office friends, and who will take out a billboard announcing your sexual accomplishments. Keep your experiences on the down low as to not to ruin your chances at next year’s office party. By following these few simple plans of action, you can truly enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about the morning after.

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