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Six Ways To Spice Up A Stale Sex Life

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Are you in a bit of a rut when it comes to special time with your partner? Looking for a way to get the spark back in your sexual relationship? Try out these top tips to see if you can jump start your love life.1. Get Some Sex Toys – Don’t fall into the mode of thinking that sex toys are either for lonely single women or strangely kinky couples. Grab the computer, head on over to an online sex toy retailer, and make a dirty little shopping trip together. Pick out a few items that you think you’ll enjoy trying it out. Just the adventure of the new toy can enhance your sex life, let alone how the toy itself can add to your sexual liaisons.

2. Do a bit of Role Play – If sex with your partner is getting boring, change up things by changing who you are! Whether it’s dirty teacher and naughty student, French maid and stuffy butler, or Sleeping Beauty being woken up with a bit more than a kiss, playing pretend in the bedroom is a great way to try out “someone” new without actually straying from your relationship.

3. Dress Up – It may sound stereotypical, but adding some new lingerie to your collection, or getting a well fitting pair of briefs for a man can do a lot to get the mind going. There are a number of pieces that have “peekaboo” slits so that you don’t even need to take it off to enjoy your partner – great for those who get turned on by naughty underwear. If you’re especially adventurous, try out some kinky costumes to enhance the role play games!

4. Change Up the Time of Day – Do you find yourself always having sex at night, after a long day at work and you’re both barely awake enough to roll over and kiss? Of course your sex life is boring, if that’s the case! By moving it to another time of the day – maybe in the morning when you first wake up, or later in the day for a quick “nooner”, making sure both you and your partner have enough energy to have an active sex life may be the easiest change to make.

5. Get out of the Bedroom – Just like changing up the time of day, get out of the bedroom! You can stick as close as the living room or the kitchen, or get away for the weekend to a bed and breakfast or a swanky hotel. It’s all about breaking up routines that have got you into this slump, and the place that a couple has sex is one of the most stagnant part in many love lives.

6. Watch Some Adult Moves – These little flicks aren’t just for guys! Some women get turned on by adult moves just as much as men do. They can also give you ideas for many of the tips mentioned previously. As long as you are both aware that what you are watching is fiction (and so are the super enhanced breasts of the majority of the stars, or the duration that the male actors can last), then using adult movies to enhance your relationship is a safe and exciting way to add a bit of spice to your sex life.

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