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A Hooker’s Christmas

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Haha! I love this whore! I will watch out for this woman on Christmas! “For 50 I could suck your candy cane…” Hahaha! She made me laugh, if it’s real, I hope someone could make her Christmas merry!

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I'm Penelope and I'm living a sexy lifestyle. Help me out by buying something at and use my offer code PENELOPE to enjoy great discounts and awesome offers! :)

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  1. Cyui December 20, 2010

    Amazing video! Hahaha… I dont know what wrong with these guys? But for chocolate coins? I have lots at I told my friends to check this link out and see this clip they will be surely amazed. Post more funny sexy videos! I want more! Thanks again for posting.

    • PenelopePardee December 20, 2010

      hahaha! i know right! i’ll surely do. keep dropping by! 🙂

  2. llc December 31, 2010

    this post is very usefull thx!


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