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Am I Ready to Settle Down?

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It has been a week since the last time I saw my friends at work because I was so busy. And some of them had their schedule changed so we only had a chance to meet yesterday. I’m a kind of person who never really talks about my personal life but I’m so honest about it once asked. At first, our conversations were more about my friend who had sex with our other coworker. They did it twice already and there’s a big possibility that they’re going out to date. I was so happy for her because dating and loving is always a nice feeling. And isn’t it great when all your friends are attached and happy? But when it was already my turn, when they asked me about my family’s vacation and Valentine’s Day, that was only the time that they noticed my necklace hahaha! And even before I opened my mouth, they knew already where it came from.

“Oh my Godddd! I didn’t know he was so serious!”, my gay coworker said. Lol, with or without the necklace, I know that my boyfriend is serious about me. But then they started talking about settling down, that I should be ready once he propose. Gosh, they’re so advance!

I don’t know the answer though. It’s been long since the last time I took a quiz from cosmo… Are you ready to settle down? And here’s the result I got.

Commitment-Friendly Chick. Here comes the… babe. You’re not deperate to lock up a commitment with a guy and don’t look at your engaged friends with “Why isn’t me?” envy. Sure, you love being part of a cozy duo, but you are cool hanging solo between relationships. Your confidence (guy or no guy) gives you perspective in the dating game, says Nancy Rosenbach, Ph.D., a psychologist in New York and Long Island. “You don’t drop everything in your life — like your hobbies, your friends or even other men you’re casually seeing — when a promising guy enters the picture.” You’re also careful to keep your romances in the present tense. So no matter how excited you are after the first month of great dinners/conversations/sex, you’ll resist the urge to press him for a commitment talk or start scanning wedding magazines. “Your attitude is ‘Why rush? Things are great right now,” says Rosenbach. As a result, your relationships unfold naturally and have a better chance of working out in the long run.

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