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How To Be Good In Bed

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14 Ways How to Be Good In Bed

Pleasing your partner in bed is kinda an interesting part as a woman.Today, I’m going to reveal the different bedroom tricks on how to be good in bed. And to those who are begging for help to seduce someone, you might be  thankful to learn this different bedroom tricks before having sex with your crush.

How To Be Good In Bed

  1.  During foreplay, cover your fingers around his cock and press it against your labia. This can make you both intense and hotter.
  2. Add fuel to his orgasm by putting your fingers behind his balls and massage it in a circular motion.
  3. Grab a mirror while having sex, he’ll might gonna like while you’re going down on him.
  4. Squeeze his penis gently before cumming.
  5.  Masturbate in front of him.
  6. Shuffle some sultry songs on your smartphone while having sex with him
  7. Buy a remote bullet-shaped vibrate, let him hold the remote control to have excitement.
  8. Use lubewhile having sex
  9. Lick his penis up to his stomach.
  10. Whilte he’s doing oral sex, beg him to finger you and stroke your g-spot.
  11. Act like a porn star by viewing yourself while enjoying each other.
  12. Beg him to lick your breast.
  13. Take a shower together before having sex.
  14. Do a face-to-face sex position, showing him the curve of your body.

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