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How To Finger Yourself

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girl masturbatingIf you are a virgin and cannot insert your finger that far in your vagina, I’m sure you like to learn some techniques on how to finger yourself.

You should remember these important ways on how to finger yourself properly in order to release a great sexual stimulation.

Find Your Clitoris
The clitoris can be found at the top of your respective vagina so the best way to finger yourself is to find them. Start by stroking it rhythmically and gently in circular motion. Increase the pressure and speed as you become aroused. Another best way on how to finger yourself is to continue pointing your toes, clenching your ass cheeks and flexing your legs. It will make you feel better. Keep doing it until you climax or known as having an orgasm. This will seem to feel as if an explosion and shivers of enjoyment. You can relax for a minute and repeat it.

Use Vibrator
The second best way to finger yourself it use a vibrator on your clit. It can definitely help you to get stronger and faster vibration. Moreover, it will surely tease your clit better than you expected.

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Finger Your Clitty
Another way you can perform it is to put your two fingers on either side of your clit, this is the best technique how you to finger yourself, just have a hand mirror and examine yourself. You will see that you have a hood over your clitoris. It is similar to a foreskin on a man’s uncircumcised penis. You can manipulate that hood up and down faster and faster making yourself cum.

Stroke Your Clitty
You can it by gently pulling the hood back and stroke your clitoris directly. It will make your feel great.

G spot orgasm
Last but not least way how to finger yourself is to have a G spot orgasm, insert a finger inside of your pussy just inside about 11/2” in at the roof of your vagina. You start slipping your finger in and out in a rapid fashion gradually enhancing the pressure. You will feel a swelling just like a rubber eraser grow inside of you. That is your G spot. You keep stroking in and out faster and faster and putting more pressure in it. It will start to feel like you want to pee. Don’t be afraid, just ignore it, you won’t gonna pee, you’ll have a G spot orgasm and it’s the most powerful orgasm that you can have. You will likely have vaginal gushing of liquid leaking away from you as well as squirting. It will feel wonderful and you can repeat this again a minute or two later.

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