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Mr. Banana Finally Said The Magic Word

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Haha! I just realized that I gave this particular guy a funny codename when I wrote the title! Haha what can I do, it’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I thought I should already give him a name (in case I would date a lot and I don’t want my readers to get confused, lol). It’s fun creating codenames especially in highschool when you don’t want your crush to find out. I didn’t know I would still use it at 25 haha!

But anyway, last night, he finally said the magic word! OMG!!! Okay, we have different definitions for the magic word but in my case, he finally said ‘I love you’! OMG! I haven’t felt this for a long time from a new guy and gosh I felt like I was going to pee at that very moment! We were just waiting for our dessert when he was saying “It’s been two months, Penny, but it feels like I know you forever”… Although, in my head, I know where he was heading, I wasn’t still ready! And girls, you have probably heard those lines a bunch of times but OMG! I’m running out of words coz last night is still fresh in my memory.

All I gave was a nod and I acted like I had no idea about the next words that he would say. I was about to say something about our order but then he said, “Listen Penny, I love you”… I was really hoping the waiter would come already coz I was already melting! Then I smiled and said, “I’m too lucky I guess?… That’s very sweet of you, thank you.”

And our order came.

What to do what to do???!!?!!??!!?!?

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