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My Coworker Likes Me

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I know from the very first time we met at work that this particular coworker likes me. I don’t have to elaborate how sure I am but I just do know. I’ve been with a lot of men in my life, flirted back with a few and I’m simply confident with the way I look. Hahaha! But I don’t know if he has confidence to ask me for a date. I may look a little intimidating when you first met me but I’m really not when you get to know me.

I always catch him staring at me and it’s awkward coz he had to look away and it makes me shy to approach him now. He once told me that he likes the way I smile. We talked a few times whenever he invites me to go out for lunch with his group but we were never really left alone. But if he would ask me for a date, I’m not really sure if I would say yes coz I don’t think I like him. He’s white, clean, about 6 feet tall, handsome but not my type. I know, I know, physical appearance shouldn’t matter but it’s important for me to have physical attraction. Also, I’m not sure if he’s a boyfriend material or just someone for a short-term relationship.

This is exciting coz he’s in front, about 7 feet away from my desk. I could see myself blushing hahah! Ok wait, why am I blushing when I don’t like him? Hahaha! I’ll give him a week, if he won’t ask me for a date, I won’t ever date with him!

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    enjoyed visiting your site.


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