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My Weekend Date

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After almost a week of waiting, my boyfriend and I finally celebrated our Valentine’s date! We weren’t able to spend much time together for the past days because I was busy with my family’s vacation here. But I would say that it was worth the wait. I didn’t want to celebrate really but he said I deserve everything in the world! Oh god, I love my boyfriend so much.

So it was an ordinary Saturday morning and my roommate cooked for our breakfast. Then she asked me to go out shopping with her. When we went out to shop, she bought a dress for both of us and she said that it’s her Valentine’s Day gift for me. Little did I know that it was all part of my boyfriend’s plan!

Then at 5 pm, my boyfriend called me to prepare and told me to wear the dress that Jen bought for me and said that he would explain everything later. I got dressed, had my hair done, and put on some nice makeup. At about 6:30 pm, he called that he’s already outside waiting. And as soon as I got out, I saw this angelic and beautiful face smiling and carrying 3 dozens of roses. Gosh, he looked so handsome and I felt like I was floating when I smelled his cologne.

We went to Lavo Italian restaurant at The Palazzo and as expected, my boyfriend didn’t fail me in feeding me with delicious foods! We talked and talked about what happened for the past days that we weren’t together. We also talked about going to my place in Georgia. I simply love him for being such a gentleman and for wanting to see where I was brought up. He said that it’s also already time for his family to meet me. Gosh, that gave me a stomachache haha! More details later. I have to go back working! 😀

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