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Places I Like To Have Sex

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Kitchen Sex - Places I Like To Have SexI’ve been waiting for a call or even just text from this guy I met in the park. I think I should quit staring at my phone coz it’s really frustrating. How I wish he could read this post. Maybe I’m frustrated because I think he is so hot that I actually fantasized about having sex at a park with him when we first met. Ugh! I’m so bored, so I’m letting all these frustrations out through writing. I listed the places I like to have sex aside from my bedroom.

In the woods
It was my fantasy for a long time until one day, my ex boyfriend brought me to the woods. Although I hate bugs and other insects, it’s still one of the places I want to have sex in. The next guy that would take me there should tell me ahead of time so I could bring insect repellent.

In the pool or body of water
I have only tried this once but I want to do it again with lube as water could actually dry up my pussy’s juices. My friend told me that I could essentially use a silicon-based lubricant.

In the shower
Well, I’ve tried this one many times already. I feel so sexy every time a guy lathers his hands with soap from my neck down to my breast. And it always makes me moan whenever he sprays water on my pussy.

On the kitchen table
The only thing I could think of about kitchen sex is food. I can’t think of any girls that wouldn’t want to be licked with cream.

These are ones I’d like to try soon.

In a car
This is very common I think but it’s still one of the places I want to try.

In the laundry room
The idea of having sex on the washer always turns me on. I think it’s the same as getting nailed with a vibe on your clit.

At a park

I think most people have thought about doing it in the public and park is a popular place to do it. It always excites me whenever I think about getting caught. Maybe the feeling would be the same as the one I already tried which is in the pool.

Those are the places I like so far, how about you? Where do you like to have sex? Anyway, I think that guy I just met won’t read this post coz I only gave my nickname, Nellie. Oh, do you think I gave him the wrong number too?

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