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Ruby’s Spanking Session

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He looked down and admired the blank canvas of pale flesh in his lap. He raised his hand and brought it down with a delightful smack on her round ass. She screamed out, but the wetness dripping down her leg onto his told a different story. He moved his hand around and took advantage of the naked breast dangling down along his left side while he pulled back his arm to take another swing at her naughty little bottom. The slap sound was nearly as delightful as the red hand print that was developing on her skin.

“Daddy’s girl needs to learn that she’s only allowed to cum after I’ve said it’s okay. You’ve been so naughty, so Daddy needs to give you a hard spanking.”

Spanking ass

Ruby's Spanking Ass

She begged him to stop, saying that she would be a good girl and follow Daddy’s directions, but he knew that his little slut wouldn’t behave until she had a thorough spanking. Her pussy dripped with anticipation onto his jeans, and the scent filled his nostrils, making him that much harder. His hand came down for a third smack, this time coinciding with a firm pinch on her pert nipple. She moaned louder, a mixture of pleasure and pain.

He looked over at his bedside table, and debated taking out the paddle to add a little more pain to the pleasure. The stitched read leather looked so appealing, but he decided to keep it as warm and as personal as his own hand. It stung a little, but in a good way. The great thing about using his own hand, is that he also had the advantage of slipping his fingers elsewhere.

He looked down at his girlfriend’s perfect ass still slightly pink from his last swat. Her hips were starting to wriggle in the way that told him she was getting that much more aroused, and soon she would be asking him to move on from spanking into something a bit more direct. His eyes moved back to the bedside table at the large black dildo that stood proud in the corner. It was much larger than he was – much larger than the majority of men out there – and it gave just the right amount of resistance when it entered his girl’s slick pussy.

While he thought it over, he teased her opening with the tips of his fingers, testing the juices to see how ready she really was. He decided that she needed a few more smacks to tame her and turn her on all at the same time. He really didn’t mind that she fingered herself while she was going down on him. He also wasn’t upset at the least that she gave herself quite the orgasm while doing so. She didn’t need to know that, though. All she needed to know is that ‘Daddy’ was mad at her, and that she needed to be punished.

He took his hand up and brought it down with one last hard smack, this time releasing quite the loud cry from his little slut. He looked down at his work- the collection of hand prints on her ass, the wet patch on his jeans from her dripping, and a swollen clit ready and waiting to be pleased.

“Now, Ruby. I want you to slide off my legs, and go over to the table to get my new favorite toy”, he said as he gestured to the oversized phallus he previously contemplated using on his girlfriend.

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