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Sex Advice For Men and Women: Unusual Things That Can Ruin Sex Life

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I have featured lots and lots of sex advice for men and women; but this one you should take into consideration. You don’t want to have lesser sex or not having at all right? So, check out the unusual things that can ruin sex life below and make your sex life better.

No Sense Of Smell

Scientists have discovered that smells plays a crucial role in sex –however, not in the way you’d think. Studies show that women and people who don’t have the ability to smell also report having fewer sexual partners and being less pleased with the sex they actually do, somehow, have the ability to have.

Not Shaving

A recent study indicated that men who don’t shave have less sex, fewer orgasms and are more inclined to work blue collar and are afflicted by angina. Goodbye Brawny-Man stereotype, right? Not quite: the research wasn’t pretty much shaving, but about men who remain in all day and not go out and don’t worry about their appearance.

High Testosterone

While many people believe that testosterone is the “Sex drive” hormone, although that’s probably a fact for males, it’s beginning to look like it may be a bit more complicated for females. A recent study implies that women with high testosterone still get aroused, but they are thinking less about having sex.

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Taking Oral Contraceptives

Despite the fact that the entire reason for the pill’s invention would be to give women the chance to have more sex, countless studies still prove that it actually kills women’s libidos.

Being Spiritual

Women who tend to be more spiritual convey more frequent sex, with more people, tend to be more satisfied by it and much less likely to work with a condom. Spiritual men, however, have less sex.

Not Having Sex

A recent study found out that not having sex creates the sort of behavior that continually contributes to less and less sex.

Being Too Smart

“Intelligence is negatively related to sex frequency.” The smarter you happen to be the less likely you’re to get laid.

The longer spent in school, the long nights spent alone.

The harder you pump those arteries in your brain, the less pumping you’ll get…you know what I mean.

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