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Sex Just Happens

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I was really busy with my family, friends, work, and shopping during the last few days of December that’s why I wasn’t able to blog a lot, check Facebook, and even tweet. I tried to spend more time with the people I love than the internet. But sometimes it feels like my life is upside down when I can’t google even just for a day! My grandma once told me that I’m lucky that I’m living in this modern era but I think differently. I think life would have been easier for me if I have lived 50 or more years ago. I would have been a model! Yet not sexy but traditional hahaha!

Anyway, speaking of traditional, I’m finally posting the result of my last poll: When Should You Have Sex? This is my 2nd poll after “Natural or Porn Star Boobs?” Again, it took me time to post this because I was busy. It’s not anymore shocking that ‘not until marriage’ choice only got 6 out of 38 votes. The votes aren’t much but I’m very happy that a number of people took their time to vote on my new and developing blog! 7 wanted to have sex on their first date, 6 votes for sex on the 3rd date, and during 2nd date got zero votes. While 19 voters believe that sex could happen anytime so there is no certain date.

Not that I’m being a genius but I think majority of the votes came from teens to mid 20’s coz they have lived in my era and my answer would have been the same. Those who wanted to have sex after marriage either grew up with a traditional family background or they are virgins. While those who wanted to have sex on their first or 3rd date are just simply horny haha! That’s my opinion, and I haven’t had sex for a veeerry long time! But if you have any opinion about this topic, feel free to comment. 🙂

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  1. joy January 5, 2011

    Very informative and attractive article.

  2. amin January 6, 2011

    Very nice and well written.


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