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The Best Sex Stories From Men

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I’m reading again some of the hottest articles in Cosmo. The article that talks about some of the best sex stories from men caught my attention the most. Some of these hunks stories are so hot you want to read them over and over.

To share the hotness of this article, below are some of the best sex stories from men from

The Best Sex Stories From Men

“After going to dinner with a girl who was just a friend, we decided, as friends, to spend the night together in our pajamas. But when she turned off the lights, she started kissing me, then pulled off her pajamas, then mine. It was the most romantic and passionate sex of my life and I felt like I understood for the first time the difference between sex and making love.” —Paul M.

“My girlfriend spent the night at my frat house one night in college when all the guys were out doing some pledging event. The place was empty, but imagine my surprise when she suggested moving from the bedroom into the hallway. I picked her up and we had crazy standing sex that felt like nothing I had ever experienced.” —James T.

“I’d spent the whole night hitting on a bartender one night and eventually she gave me her number. At 1:49 a.m., she grabbed my arm and we walked outside to the bench right next door to the entrance and started hooking up right there.” —Mike E.

“It was a one-night stand with a girl I met during grad school. The professor called us by our last names only, so I was “Mr. Hammond.” So there I was, inside of her at her place, as she belted out “Oh, Mr. Hammond!” between screams. I had to stop for a second and laugh—it was amazing.” —Stu H.

“I just didn’t really care about making a girl orgasm until I got my first real girlfriend (I know, I know, that’s terrible.) Then, I made it my only goal to get her there every time. But, little did I know, she’d never ever had a G-spot orgasm. Until one time when she got super awkward and refused to look at me afterward. She finally said ‘Wow, well that’s never happened before.’ As she explained it to me, I felt beyond awesome.” —Jared S.

“One night during a vacation, my girlfriend of two years and I were cuddling up in bed, ready to go to sleep. But, when we kissed each other goodnight something crazy happened and we ended up spontaneously going at it like we did when we first started dating. It’s still the best sex I’ve ever had.” —Steve G.

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