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The Quest for the Best Sex Position

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Since the history of mankind millions have tried but only few succeeded. Be Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte in the land of sheer pillow cliffs and raging waves of bed sheets.

With an open mind, clothes torn and unsurpassed determination The Quest for the Best Sex Position is achievable. Learn new sex positions to reach the full potential of orgasm. As the great Maximus Aurelius once said “what you do in life echoes in eternity”.


how to be good in bed,foreplay, bedroom tricks, while having sexThe butterfly position

The woman on her back and lays at the edge of the bed or a table. The man stands and her legs on his shoulders.

Tilt her hips slightly upward and deeply penetrate. Don’t just pound away like Thor. Always remember to add shallow penetration in between for better stimulation.

With this angle, hitting the G-spot would be easy and The Quest for the Best Sex Position is closer.

The Seated Scissor

Woman lies on her back with knees bent. Man on top seated with the cross position between each others legs. This will provide control for pace and add depth to the penetration.

By thrusting with correct speed mind blowing orgasm and cosmic pleasure will follow with one of the Best Sex Position.


The Lotus Blossom

Man sits with legs crossed. Woman sits on him with her legs wrapped around his waist. Woman controls the grinding and finds the best spot for her pleasure points.

This will provide intimacy and the space for the battle of lips and tongue thus adds sensuality.


The Sphinx

Woman lies on her tummy. Her weight on her forearms and legs bent. Man is on top and gradually enters from behind.

A series of deep and shallow thrust will set the atomic bomb from within exploding to smithereens.


The Sidekick

From The sphinx transition to The Sidekick, finishing off the war of the bodies. Woman lies on her tummy slightly on the side with her other leg bent.

He then slides from behind between her legs and enter the door of pleasure. Pump to the finish and feel the electricity flow through the sweat soaked body.

As the bomb blows simultaneously you experience the effects of euphoria and ascend to cloud 9.

The fog of war clears and you have won The Quest for the Best Sex Position.

Congratulations! You perceive glory and now have the equipment and tools to conquer the world of pleasure.

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