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Valentine’s Day Gift: Tattoo

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About a week ago, I finally finished the book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson that was given by my sister last Christmas. Last Sunday, my boyfriend came to my apartment, Jen’s boyfriend came too so we had like a double date. We decided to watch DVDs and one of them is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I remember that it was actually the movie that we were supposed to watch on our first date. Anyway, it was a great movie. My only disappointment is that not everything were followed that made the movie a bit different from the book. But movie adaptations are mostly like that, it’s not something new. What made me laugh was when I saw Lisbeth Salander’s (the novel’s heroine) underarm! Haha! Well, it’s not normal in where I live to have a hairy underarm? Or is it? But I would say that Noomi Rapace is an amazing Swedish actress. I read on her wikipedia that she will play the roles of Sim and Shaw in the upcoming films Sherlock Holmes 2 and Prometheus.

And so after watching the film, I thought deeply about getting a tattoo as a Valentine’s Day gift for myself! Haha! I think it’s crazy but I always wanted to get one! It’s a form of art that I will never forget to get in my whole life. My sister got a cute and beautiful dragonfly tattoo on her back. And hush! My mom doesn’t know about it yet. Haha! So yeh, I’m getting one because I envy Lisbeth Salander’s Dragon Tattoo!

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