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Weird Things Happening When You’re In Love

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Some weird things do happen when you’re in love.

Found this awesome article at the site and I thought I’d share it to everyone.

Being in love is quite the amazing feeling to have when you’ve found someone special. Sometimes you might think you’re in love, but aren’t sure how to tell. Fortunately, there are several tell-tale signs that you’ve got the cupid’s arrow for someone, and when the other person feels the same towards you things begin to happen to your body. These feelings might be a little different at first, but they certainly feel good and they are more than healthy for you, so don’t be deterred if you’ve got some weird things happening to you.

When you’re in love you tend to have endorphin rush, get some chills, becomes a bit nicer, you spill your guts and you oftentimes ditch your friends.

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