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“Strange But True” Sex Tips To Get Things Hot Again

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If your sex life is getting a bit on the bland side, you’ve probably checked out various sources on ways to give it the resurrection it needs. You might have already tried a few and realized it’s not quite what you were looking for. The experts at Adam and Eve have used our team of couples to try out a few newer methods that you’ve probably never heard of, and might even sound a bit too strange to be true. We thought the same at first, but our test-couples let us in on all the steamy details that flowed after trying out these tricks to get their sex lives the excitement boost it needed!

Get it on in cramped quarters – the closet, a (relatively clean) bathroom stall, the changing rooms at the department store, the back seat of your car. Basically, you want to find somewhere confining where you are forced to try out new positions and try out new ways to pleasure each other. Once you’ve discovered other ways to get off, you can use those positions and techniques in your more traditional environments.

Make a sex play list – load up your mp3 player with some tunes to play while making love to your partner. By using the same selection of songs over and over again, you and your body will come to associate those songs with the act, and for some, just hearing the song will bring on arousal. Choose songs with a rhythm that match your preferred stroke speed. If you like it hard and fast, or slow and steady, make sure that the music you choose matches that rate. Just be sure you give your playlist a non-descript name, in the event that you let a friend or relative borrow your player and they decide to do a bit of browsing!

Hands off – try using your other senses during foreplay to get things going. Use your warm breath to stimulate parts of his body. Use that nose to take in his scent. Give him ‘that look’ with your eyes and body language. Tell him all the naughty and nasty things you want to do to him and have him do the same with you. By the time your touch-free foreplay has reached its end, you’ll both be ready and raring to go.

Have him go down on you with his nose – yes. Not his tongue, not his fingers, his nose. Think about it – it’s long and large enough to stimulate the clit and its surrounding tissue. It’s firm enough to make you feel good, but not so hard that it is overpowering. It also give him access to start tonguing other parts of your body for a new sensation.

Play wheelbarrow – this is great for those guys who are a bit quick on the trigger. By having him concentrate on holding you up while he has sex, it’s going to delay his climax time and give you a change to get a bit more attention in that area. If you’re worried about holding yourself up on your arms, you can always change it up and have your chest and stomach flat on the bed while your partner holds up your hips.

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