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Anal Slider Sex Toy Review by Rosie La Roux

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This next product I have from Adam & Eve is called Sliders. It’s by Doc Johnson and it’s an anal toy. Now, don’t get scared because I know it looks a little bit big so let me show you how it works. This is a remote control device. It’s got a wire, so all you have to do to turn it on isjust turn the little switch and speed will adjust depending on how high you turn it up.As you see, it is completely flexible ad bendable. Even though it’s long, it is very soft, nice to the touch and compatible with silicon-based lubricantsso it feels very good with the lube.And it has a nice added bonus of the vibrating which you don’t really see much in anal toys and anal dildos. If you’re thetype of person who is interested in experimenting with anal sex but you don’t you really know where to start or you don’t really know what you’re doing, this is a great type of toy to begin with. First of all, it’s very tapered and narrow even though it’s a long toy. As you can see, the edge of it is just about the same size as my pinky nail. The beauty of the flexibility and the narrow shape of the toy is that you can use a little bit of the toy, most of the toy or the entire toy.

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So if you have never really experience anal sex before, if you’re new to it or you just want a new toy that’s cool and has a remote control, the Sliders is great for you. You can start with just a little bit of penetration, whatever is comfortable for you. The nice thing about it being compatible with the silicon lube is you get that nice, slippery, comfortable sensation. It’s a great starter toy and as you build up, you can use the remote control switch to add some sensation. And having sensation in an anal toy is very nice because a lot of anal toys such as beads and dildos are hard, plastic or glass. They’re not flexible, not soft and they don’t move with your body. So instead of penetrating yourself with a hard toy that doesn’t really do much, you canease your way in to be comfortable with the experience by using this gentle, flexible toy and then you can add the added fun of the sensation.

This is a type of toy that is really fun to use with a partner because it has an element of surprise with the on and off switch. So they can turn on the fun and turn it off depending on what’s going on. But you can also use it in conjunction with another toy. You can use it with a bullet or with another vibrator. So if you use this as an anal toy, you can absolutely double up the fun and use another type of toy along with it.You can do that with a partner or you can do that with yourself. It takes two regular double A batteries like you would use in any other remote control and you only need 2 packs this time. But it’s very easy; you can slide them in, shut the back trap and turn it on. You can also use the sliders for vaginal play especially if you’re the type of woman who has a narrow vagina. It’s very nice if you’re also not used to playing with toys and you’re just getting comfortable with them because of the narrow tip and the very soft flexible feel of the shaft of the toy. It can really ease you in starting to use toys and find the girth, the height, and the function that you’re comfortable with. You can use the Sliders as an analand vaginal toy, whichever one that you like and comfortable with. The Sliders is a multipurpose toy and it really feels great.

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