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Do You Feel Sexy?

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I’m at work right now and the most abused word I heard this week is “you look sexy Penelope.” I think that’s true, of course lol!

I just took a quiz from cosmo about “Do you feel sexy?” and here’s the result I got. The hottest thing about you? You don’t need a guy to rev your sexual speedometer from 0 to 60. You will frequently let yourself fantasize and have no qualms about slipping between the sheets to gratify yourself. “You’re confident enough in yourself and your body that you feel entitled to pleasure, regardless of whether there’s a man in your life,” says Nancy Rosenbach, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New York City and Long Island.

There’s also a side benefit of tapping into your sensual side regularly: “Because you’re so able to feel randy on your own, those times when you don’t have a guy don’t seem catastrophic, whether it’s going solo to a friend’s wedding or taking a vacation alone,” says Tracey Cox, author of Superdate. “Instead, you are able to view them as opportunities to enjoy being an adventurous free agent.”

Your independence also pays off when you’re coupled up. ” It’s such a turn-on for a guy to know he’s with a woman who can feel good about herself without constantly having to reassured,” says Rosenbach. Just make sure to give him some frisky reinforcement when he’s making you boil over — not because you live for his TLC, but because it feels so damn good. :)

How about you? do you feel sexy?

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