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Are You Good-Girl Hot or Bad-Girl Hot?

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Are You Good-Girl Hot or Bad-Girl Hot?Today when I had lunch with my coworkers, we talked about why this Mary was talking bad things about me after I got out of the office. I didn’t care about her reasons anymore or any of my coworkers’ who are even on my side because I just don’t want to live with it everyday. I don’t want it to bother me anymore, anyway, I don’t get to see her because of our different break schedule and in my heart, I already forgave her. But I think it’s hilarious when it’s my coworkers who can’t get over it and they even thought about doing something bad or whatever so this Mary would get kicked out of her job. Lol, I know they’re not serious. They said that they think this particular girl was just insecure ever since I got in because she thinks she’s the prettiest and hottest before I came hahaha! And they even think that it’s actually her who has a secret relationship with our boss! Anyway, it’s a boring evening again so I took this quiz from cosmo and this is the result I got. What do you think about the result? Haha!

Badass Bombshell

Striking the right balance between naughty and nice, you lure guys in by being playfully provocative… to a point. “Men are intrigued by women who exhibit sexy side but not so much that they come off as nasty,” Says Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad-Girl Sex. Plus, by not putting it all there, you keep guys guessing about your sack skills and style. And thatanticipation is almost as hot as sex itself.

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