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The Gift

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Yesterday, I thought that my day would just go back to normal and ordinary since my family left already. But I was wrong. Few minutes before my workday ended, my boyfriend called me that he’s outside the hotel waiting. Although I asked why, I had a strong feeling that he’s going to ask me for a date or something. We really had no time together on Valentine’s Day because my family was here.

Before I went out, I made sure I look pretty and I put on some lip gloss. I got to his car and I was surprised with what he got with him! He opened the box and showed me a beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace! He placed it on my neck while he told me that he wanted to give it on Valentine’s day but I was busy with my family. So I just responded that today is perfect. We ate dinner but he told me not to consider it as our Valentine’s date. He said that we’re going to celebrate it on Saturday. Ahhh, he’s the best.

Although I really don’t want to know its price, my roommate kept insisting to search for it online. And that’s when I found out it costs a thousand plus dollars! Gosh, my past boyfriends haven’t spent that big for me on Valentine’s. I know that it’s not really the amount but it’s the thought that counts but I really can’t help.

One thing is for sure, I’m really in love with him… With or without this Tiffany necklace. :)

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