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It is said that men are very complicated creatures to understand. Through experience, I have come to learn that the best way to understand men is through their body language; not through their words. The body language rarely lies. So here are 5 body language cues that I have picked along the way;

5 BODY LANGUAGE CUES ABOUT YOUR MAN1. Licking his lips. You have probably seen it in Tom and Jerry cartoon series (I still watch it!); whenever Tom (the cat) wants to pounce on Jerry (the mouse) he would first lick his lips. It is not different in human beings. If a man feels attracted to a lady, the first impulse would be to lick his lips. Psychological scientists attribute this to nervousness. Patti Wood, a body-language expert, says “When we get nervous, our saliva glands stop secreting, and our mouths get dry—leading to lip-licking.”
So ladies, watch his lips!

2. Eye “Erection”– It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul. It is difficult to lie with your eyes. I would definitely know that a man is interested in me if he raises his eyebrows and smiles back. If his pupils dilate and grow larger, then he is obviously attracted to me in a sexual way.

3. Lowering his voice pitch– This one is kind of common to all men I have dated before. Whenever they get horny, they tend to speak in a much deeper voice tone. Their voice tone lowers dramatically. I don’t know if it’s me alone who has noticed this, maybe ladies you back me up with your take….

4. Nose Touching– It has recently been suggested, by the Royal Society of Medicine, that a man’s erectile tissues are closely interlinked with the nerves on his nose. So when you see him constantly touching the nose, chances are that you might be too hot for him and therefore making him feel nervous.

5. A kiss on the forehead– This is probably my best! If a guy kisses me on the forehead then am definitely sure that he is loyal to me and he’s going to take good care of me. Though at times it would purely mean friendship, but what is better than having a lover who is your true friend? So ladies, watch-out on those guys who kiss your forehead, he might just be that diamond you are looking for.

These are just five body cues I have identified. I bet there lots of other cues out there that you have gathered from your own experience. I would love to hear about them. Feel free to share them on the blog.

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