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Are You Picky When It Comes to Guys?

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Another boring night. Plus, I lost my internet connection for hours which compelled me to take quizzes again in cosmo. Ugh!

What’s good about today though is I was finally able to have a short conversation with my coworkers while we were on break. They asked me about how I got here in Las Vegas, how’s my life way back in GA, and everything else. They thought I was kind of snob, well I always get that first impression, lol. Vivian, one of my coworkers who’s a Korean asked me if I got a boyfriend and I honestly said I’m seeing someone but no. She then said I’m probably choosy when it comes to guys. I simply said I’m not because it’s what I believe. But the answer to the quiz I took says otherwise.

Judgy McJudgerson! Think having high standards attracts the cream of the single-guy crop? Actually, your hypercritical approach stunts your love life. “By maintaining near-impossible criteria, you filter out lots of worthy men and turn off guys who may have those qualities but don’t want to be judged by them,” says Michelle Callahan, PhD, author of Ms. Typed. Stay open, and take a chance if the suitor complements your personality and values. You may just find a diamond in the scruff.

I didn’t really think I that I am too picky because I think I let every guy get their chance. But after getting the result, it made me realize that I am. This could be a lesson for my future love life. But what can I really do?

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  1. Brenda December 21, 2010

    I just realized that I am as well a bit picky after reading your article because it made me realized that there were times that I look at their physical than their attitude. Who wouldn’t right? If you are on my position would date someone who has disgusting face? I think not right? So I think everyone has its own way of picking the right person

  2. Ella December 21, 2010

    You can call me the most picky person since I really need to check if my list if they past qualification. Call me bad but I don’t care I love my thing and this is how I date with someone. It’s just that I really need to choose who the best among the best is.


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